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One of the most unbelievable passages in Scripture is found in Judges chapter two and the Bible tells us another generation arose who knew not the Lord, nor the works he had done for Israel.  (Judges 2:10).  How does somebody grow up in a home where their mom, dad, or grandma and grandpa saw God part the Red Sea and their parents just forgot to tell their kids that?  Or how does somebody watch God cause the walls of Jericho to fall and they just failed to mention that to their teenager?  The Bible’s clear that a generation arose, and they knew not the Lord nor any of the works He had done for Israel.  Not under our watch!  We believe we need to be a church that is reaching all generations.  There will not be a generation who rises up who does not know the Lord nor the works He has done for you and me.  Why does Full LIFE church exist?  We exist to equip this generation of kids and youth to personally know Jesus and they are well acquainted with all of His works! So. to accomplish this we will resume ministry for youth in grades 7th – 12th in early 2021.

Our Core Values are:  Gospel Centered:  Our identity is informed by the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ; Spirit-Empowered:  when we encounter Jesus through our obedience to the Spirit’s leading, we are empowered to demonstrate the gospel; and Personally – Responsible:  we engage in the mission of God when we love Christ, serve others, and proclaim the gospel.